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Meet the People behind the VEG

Tim Cranmore

Chairman and Master Instrument Maker

After training as a biochemist Tim started making recorders..... Of Course!!  


Tim brought the LVO to life when discovering his talent of being able to turn a carrot into a recorder in 2010. In his spare time Tim can be found in reality making some of the countries finest recorders from his workshop in the West Country. 

Clare Graham

VTO- and Principle Carrot

Having studied the cello for many years, and completed a masters degree at the Royal Academy of Music, the next logical step in Clare’s musical career was to master the carrot recorder. 


As a founding member of the London Vegetable Orchestra, Clare has performed at many prestigious events, such as the Chelsea Flower show, and has appeared on numerous tv shows including Room 101 and Countryfile. 

Simon Tong

VOO and Principal Courgette 


Simon, also a member since the groups early conception back in 2010 graduated from the Royal Academy of Music on Trumpet (Not Courgette).


His instrument usually has a mouthpiece made of carrot and a red bell pepper on the end to help the sound carry. His favourite piece to play with the Orchestra is Stand by pea.

Patrick Johns 

VMD and Principle Butternut Squash

Patrick .jpg

Patrick is a professional squashist, trombonist and arranger, and has performed all over the world.


Patrick regularly performs with the UK’s top oompah band and is also a radio producer for BBC Radio 2.


His motto is, “I Yam What I Yam”.

Mike Poyser


Poyser Website.jpg

Mike loves vegetables in all shapes and sizes and is a self proclaimed really bad vegan. 


In the LVO he plays all the big veg and tries to fire out the bass lines. 


When not peeling a carrot he plays the tuba as a freelance musician in London, happily parping away in lots of different styles.

Mike is also renowned for his education work throughout the business working as a professor at The Royal College of Music and as an animateur, is in high demand nationally.  

Musicians you may see with some VEG

Carrot Recorder 

Emma Burgess

Courgette Trumpets 


Gavin Broom 

David Geoghegan

Chris Seddon Mug.jpg

Chris Seddon

Butternut Squash Trombones

Faye Tracey

Philip Dewhurst 

Pumpkin percussion Section 

Elsa Bradley 

Tom Lee 


Mike Parkin

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