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Where we source our VEG

Throughout the year we get through our fair amount of Veg so it is important that not only we source our VEG correctly but that we recycle in the right way and be creative with Veg that we either don't use or trim down. 

Our allotment 

Allotment 5.jpg

Nick Stones- Our Grower 

Nick Stones a French Horn player by trade is a good friend of the LVO and a keen gardener in his spare time. 

Every April Nick dedicates half of his wonderful allotment to musical Veg which means that come August we have a fruitful supply to use in our busiest period. 

Allotment 1.jpg
Allotment 4.jpg
Allotment 3.jpg
Allotment 2.jpg
Andreas Greengrouser.png

Andreas is renowned throughout London for his quality organic ingredients. If don't have something available from the allotment then Andreas supplies us with his ethically sourced produce. Andreas also sources all of our commercial appearance Veg as it looks and tastes fantastic!


The group takes home it's leftovers and makes meals.... we have started taking photos recently of some our creations from after gigs and sharing with each other so we thought we would share some with you too. :)

Veg Meal .JPG
Veg Meal 2.JPG
Veg Meak 3.jpg
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